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HOWTO: compile mkbootimg/mkbootfs
get Android source code:
$ cd /path/to/android-src
$ cd system/core/libmincrypt/
$ gcc -c *.c -I../include
$ ar rcs libmincrypt.a *.o
$ cd ../mkbootimg
$ gcc mkbootimg.c -o mkbootimg -I../include ../libmincrypt/libmincrypt.a
$ cd ../cpio
$ gcc mkbootfs.c -o mkbootfs -I../include
copy system/core/mkbootimg/mkbootimg, system/core/cpio/mkbootfs to a directory in your path.

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commented Dec 5, 2012

i do the same thing .but i don't need the hold android source code.
i just need the system_core

i make it simple .
you can view my blog. to make it easy .

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commented Jun 27, 2014

I'd rather do this at system/core(it's one line!):
gcc -o /tmp/mkbootimg libmincrypt/.c mkbootimg/mkbootimg.c -Iinclude
gcc -o /tmp/unpackbootimg libmincrypt/
.c mkbootimg/unpackbootimg.c -Iinclude

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