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Draft survey questions for 2019 Contributor Survey
It would be useful to have this list of questions in a GiST or other doc
ok - i modified and left comments for all of the questions we asked last year. Please take a look.
1- How long have you been contributing to Kubernetes?
* less than one year
* one to two years
* two to three years
* three+ years
2- What level of the Contributor Ladder do you consider yourself to be on? (pick the highest if you are multiple OWNERs files)
-there's a contributor ladder?
-not yet a member but working on it
-subproject owner
3- Are you interested in advancing to the next level of the Contributor Ladder?
-maybe if I had help/mentoring/support
4- What region of the world are you in?
(REMOVING: What timezone are you most often in? (Check your UTC offset here))
-list the same regions we did last year
5- How many other open source projects not in the Kubernetes ecosystem do you contribute to? (example nodejs, debian)
* this is my first oss project!
* 1 more
* 2+
6- Please rate the below parts of the contribution process by how challenging they are, from 1 (not a problem) to 5 (a frequent blocker):
Code/Documentation review
GitHub tools and processes (not our customized tooling)
Finding the right SIG for your contributions
Our CI, labels, and crafted customized automation
Debugging test failures
Finding appropriate issues to work on
Setting up development environment
Having PRs rejected
7- Which of the following tooling do you find useful?
automatic /retest of flakes (fejta-bot)
automatic labeling of stale issues (fejta-bot)
issue commands like /assign, /kind bug (k8s-ci-robot)
PR commands like /approve, /lint (k8s-ci-robot)
automatic merging of approved PRs (k8s-merge-robot and k8s-ci-bot)
8- What tool above is the least useful and why?
based on data analysts comments from last time, this question had the least conclusive responses/no trends/etc. - need to rethink this one
9- Wish something was automated that isn’t? List it here.
10- How do you perceive the current notification volume and utility?
we didn't get much ROI from this question last year
11- Does your employer support your contributions to Kubernetes?
yes i can contribute on company time
no i need to use my own time
12- How often do you contribute upstream (code, docs, issue triage, etc.)?
13- What areas of Kubernetes do you contribute to? Please check all that apply.
Core code inside of kubernetes/kubernetes
Code inside of another repo in the kubernetes/* GitHub organization Documentation
Testing & Infrastructure
Advocacy and events
Community & Project management; SIG Chair etc.
Plugins & Drivers (CSI, CNI, cloud providers)
Related projects (Kubeadm, Helm, container runtimes, etc.)
Don’t contribute yet, hoping to start soon
14 - Are there specific ways the project could make contributing easier for you?
open ended question
(REMOVING: What conferences have you previously attended or are planning to attend?)
(REMOVING: Do you have any suggestions on how to make the Contributor Summits more valuable to you (N/A if not applicable)?)
(POSSIBLY REMOVING: How many Kubernetes Contributor Summits have you attended?)
15 - Which of the below would make you likely to attend more of the Community Meetings? Check all that apply.
* Nothing, I attend and think they are great
* Having a full agenda with descriptions posted several days ahead
* Eliminating the demo at the beginning
* Additional developer tips/news content
* Using the meeting to discuss project-wide development topics & roadblocks
* Fewer meetings in my personal schedule
* Different timeslot for the meeting
* Other:
16 - Some of the major projects we are working on are listed below, check one that is most important to you that we carry through to completion:
Mentoring programs for all contributor membership levels [link to community membership doc]
GitHub Management
Delivering valuable contributor summits at relevant events
Governance operations (youtube, zoom, etc.)
Keeping our community safe on our various communication platforms through moderation guidelines and new approaches
Cleaning up OWNERs files
Contributor Documentation (guide, noncode guide, developer guide, contributor site)
17 - What is missing from that list entirely that's important to you/your SIG? Why?
18 - Of our various communications channels, please rate which ones you use and/or check most frequently on a 1-5 scale, where 1 is “never”, 3 is “several times a month” and 5 is “every day”.
Google Groups/Mailing Lists
Zoom video conferencing/meetings
Discussions on Github Issues and PRs
Unofficial channels (IRC, Hangouts, Twitter, etc.)
YouTube recordings (community meetings, SIG/WG meetings, etc.)
Google Docs/Forms/Sheets, etc (meeting agendas, etc)
19 - Which of these channels is most likely to reach you first for news about decisions, changes, additions, and/or announcements to the contributor process or community matters?
kubernetes-dev mailing list
Dedicated forum for contributors
Contributor Experience mailing list
A dedicated contributor site
Kubernetes blog
k/community repo in GH (Issues and/or PRs)
20 - Do you think Slack adds value to the project for users and/or contributors?
yes for users
yes for contributors
yes for both
no for both
no for users
no for contributors
21 - Have you ever used the Help Wanted and/or Good First Issue labels on issues you file to find contributors?
(REMOVING: Are you interested in mentoring a Kubernetes upstream Intern for Outreachy or Google Summer of Code? We are also looking for organizations to sponsor if your employer is interested.)
22- Have you watched or participated in an episode of our YouTube mentoring series Meet Our Contributors? If you have specific suggestions, leave them at the end of the survey.
no - didn't know this was a thing
yes - it was helpful
yes - it wasn't helpful
no - i don't need mentoring, guidance, or other resources
(REMOVING: How useful did you find Meet Our Contributors? (1 - not useful at all; 5 - extremely useful)If you have suggestions on improvements, leave those in the feedback box at the end of the survey.)
23 - What remains a blocker to becoming a mentor?
company/employer doesn't support OSS mentoring unless it's a coworker
//add more here
24 -
Do you have any comments, questions, or clarifications for your answers on this survey? Leave the general feedback here. If you leave your email, we will circle back with you:
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