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Last active March 28, 2018 19:10
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Start of Release Cycle Lead 2 week 1
Finalize Schedule Lead 4
Begin collecting planned work from SIGs Lead, Features Lead 9 week 2
Begin weekly release team meetings Lead 10
Begin weekly status reports at Community Lead, Shadow 12
Finalize Release Team Lead 15
Start Release Notes Draft Release Notes Lead 17 week 3
Clean up features repo Features Lead 17
1.11.0-alpha.2 release Branch Manager 18 master-blocking
"Feature Freeze" begins (EOD PST) Feature Lead 24 week 4
1.11.0-alpha.3 release Branch Manager 2 week 5 master-blocking
Blog post: what we're working on for 1.11 Communications 10 week 6
1.11.0-beta.0 release Branch Manager 15 week 7 master-blocking, master-upgrade
Create 'release-1.10' branch and begin daily branch Branch Manager 15
All release branch CI jobs created Test Infra Lead 18
Begin Code Slush Bot, Lead 22 week 8
Begin code freeze (EOD PST) Bot, Lead 28 week 9 1.10-blocking, master-blocking, master-upgrade
Begin MWF Burndown meetings Lead 28
Begin pruning Lead and release team 28
1.11.0-beta.1 release Branch Manager 29 1.10-blocking, master-blocking, master-upgrade
Docs deadline - PRs ready for review Docs Lead 4
1.11.0-beta.2 release Branch Manager 7 week 10 1.10-blocking, master-blocking, master-upgrade
Docs complete - All PRs reviewed and ready to merge Docs Lead 11 week 11
Begin M-F Burndown meetings Lead 11
End of code freeze (EOD PST) Bot, Lead 20 week 12
Perform final branch Branch Manager 20
1.11.0-rc.1 release Branch Manager 20 1.10-blocking, master-blocking, master-upgrade
Master branch re-opens for 1.12 Bot, Branch Manager 20
PRs for v1.11.0 must be cherry picked to release-1.11 Branch Manager 21
Notify kubernetes-dev of lifting code freeze Lead 22
v1.11.0 Branch Manager 27 week 13 1.10-blocking
v1.12.0-alpha.1 Branch Manager 2
1.12 Release Cycle Begins Next Lead 9
Release retrospective Community 12
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