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Last active August 28, 2019 05:56
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WITH btree_index_atts AS (
SELECT nspname, relname, reltuples, relpages, indrelid, relam,
regexp_split_to_table(indkey::text, ' ')::smallint AS attnum,
indexrelid as index_oid
FROM pg_index
JOIN pg_class ON pg_class.oid=pg_index.indexrelid
JOIN pg_namespace ON pg_namespace.oid = pg_class.relnamespace
JOIN pg_am ON pg_class.relam = pg_am.oid
WHERE pg_am.amname = 'btree'
index_item_sizes AS (
i.nspname, i.relname, i.reltuples, i.relpages, i.relam,
s.starelid, a.attrelid AS table_oid, index_oid,
current_setting('block_size')::numeric AS bs,
/* MAXALIGN: 4 on 32bits, 8 on 64bits (and mingw32 ?) */
WHEN version() ~ 'mingw32' OR version() ~ '64-bit' THEN 8
END AS maxalign,
24 AS pagehdr,
/* per tuple header: add index_attribute_bm if some cols are null-able */
CASE WHEN max(coalesce(s.stanullfrac,0)) = 0
END AS index_tuple_hdr,
/* data len: we remove null values save space using it fractionnal part from stats */
sum( (1-coalesce(s.stanullfrac, 0)) * coalesce(s.stawidth, 2048) ) AS nulldatawidth
FROM pg_attribute AS a
JOIN pg_statistic AS s ON s.starelid=a.attrelid AND s.staattnum = a.attnum
JOIN btree_index_atts AS i ON i.indrelid = a.attrelid AND a.attnum = i.attnum
WHERE a.attnum > 0
GROUP BY 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
index_aligned AS (
SELECT maxalign, bs, nspname, relname AS index_name, reltuples,
relpages, relam, table_oid, index_oid,
( 2 +
maxalign - CASE /* Add padding to the index tuple header to align on MAXALIGN */
WHEN index_tuple_hdr%maxalign = 0 THEN maxalign
ELSE index_tuple_hdr%maxalign
+ nulldatawidth + maxalign - CASE /* Add padding to the data to align on MAXALIGN */
WHEN nulldatawidth::integer%maxalign = 0 THEN maxalign
ELSE nulldatawidth::integer%maxalign
)::numeric AS nulldatahdrwidth, pagehdr
FROM index_item_sizes AS s1
otta_calc AS (
SELECT bs, nspname, table_oid, index_oid, index_name, relpages, coalesce(
ceil((reltuples*(4+nulldatahdrwidth))/(bs-pagehdr::float)) +
CASE WHEN am.amname IN ('hash','btree') THEN 1 ELSE 0 END , 0 -- btree and hash have a metadata reserved block
) AS otta
FROM index_aligned AS s2
LEFT JOIN pg_am am ON s2.relam = am.oid
raw_bloat AS (
SELECT current_database() as dbname, nspname, c.relname AS table_name, index_name,
bs*(sub.relpages)::bigint AS totalbytes,
WHEN sub.relpages <= otta THEN 0
ELSE bs*(sub.relpages-otta)::bigint END
AS wastedbytes,
WHEN sub.relpages <= otta
THEN 0 ELSE bs*(sub.relpages-otta)::bigint * 100 / (bs*(sub.relpages)::bigint) END
AS realbloat,
pg_relation_size(sub.table_oid) as table_bytes,
stat.idx_scan as index_scans
FROM otta_calc AS sub
JOIN pg_class AS c ON c.oid=sub.table_oid
JOIN pg_stat_user_indexes AS stat ON sub.index_oid = stat.indexrelid
SELECT dbname as database_name, nspname as schema_name, table_name, index_name,
round(realbloat, 1) as bloat_pct,
wastedbytes as bloat_bytes, pg_size_pretty(wastedbytes::bigint) as bloat_size,
totalbytes as index_bytes, pg_size_pretty(totalbytes::bigint) as index_size,
table_bytes, pg_size_pretty(table_bytes) as table_size,
FROM raw_bloat
WHERE ( realbloat > 50 and wastedbytes > 50000000 )
ORDER BY wastedbytes DESC;
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mbanck commented Apr 4, 2014

I've applied Bernd Helmle's patch so the query uses only pg_stats, not pg_statistics (and thus can be executed by non-superusers) here:

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I changed the last where, so it not only shows size and percentage triggered ones, but also sized ones (bigger the current wastedbytes)

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