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Created September 19, 2014 00:36
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Duplicate Index Query #1: Exact Duplicates
-- check for exact matches
WITH index_cols_ord as (
SELECT attrelid, attnum, attname
FROM pg_attribute
JOIN pg_index ON indexrelid = attrelid
WHERE indkey[0] > 0
ORDER BY attrelid, attnum
index_col_list AS (
SELECT attrelid,
array_agg(attname) as cols
FROM index_cols_ord
GROUP BY attrelid
dup_natts AS (
SELECT indrelid, indexrelid
FROM pg_index as ind
FROM pg_index as ind2
WHERE ind.indrelid = ind2.indrelid
AND ind.indkey = ind2.indkey
AND ind.indexrelid <> ind2.indexrelid
) )
SELECT userdex.schemaname as schema_name,
userdex.relname as table_name,
userdex.indexrelname as index_name,
array_to_string(cols, ', ') as index_cols,
idx_scan as index_scans
FROM pg_stat_user_indexes as userdex
JOIN index_col_list ON index_col_list.attrelid = userdex.indexrelid
JOIN dup_natts ON userdex.indexrelid = dup_natts.indexrelid
JOIN pg_indexes ON userdex.schemaname = pg_indexes.schemaname
AND userdex.indexrelname = pg_indexes.indexname
ORDER BY userdex.schemaname, userdex.relname, cols, userdex.indexrelname;
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