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Created November 26, 2014 13:15
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Project Generation Hook to remove references to Boo.Lang and UnityScript assemblies
using System;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
using SyntaxTree.VisualStudio.Unity.Bridge;
public class ReferenceRemovalProjectHook
static ReferenceRemovalProjectHook()
const string references = "\r\n <Reference Include=\"Boo.Lang\" />\r\n <Reference Include=\"UnityScript.Lang\" />";
ProjectFilesGenerator.ProjectFileGeneration += (string name, string content) =>
content.Replace(references, "");
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Does not work for me in Unity 2019.3. But i did not know about this hook, will experiment

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m4a4 commented Aug 9, 2020

For anyone quickly looking, one of the forks has a working update.

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