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Settings to deploy to AWS Elastic Beanstalk on CircleCi (EB Cli 3)

This is how I configured the deploy of my rails apps to AWS Elastic Beanstalk through CircleCI.

Configure Environments Variables

On Project Settings > Environment Variables add this keys:

    The aws user must have the right permissions. This can be hard, maybe, this can help you.

Create a bash script to create the eb config file


set -x
set -e

mkdir /home/ubuntu/.aws
touch /home/ubuntu/.aws/config
chmod 600 /home/ubuntu/.aws/config
echo "[profile eb-cli]" > /home/ubuntu/.aws/config
echo "aws_access_key_id=$AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID" >> /home/ubuntu/.aws/config
echo "aws_secret_access_key=$AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY" >> /home/ubuntu/.aws/config

Configure circle.yml

Add the awsebcli dependency:

    - sudo pip install awsebcli

Add the deployment config:

    branch: master
      - bash ./
      - eb deploy
  • If your deploy user don't have the elasticbeanstalk:DescribeEvents permission, the eb deploy will run for ever. CircleCI will cancel it after 10 minutes and break the build with timeout.

Create the EB Cli config file

eb init will create this file for you. However, if you don't want to run it, you can simply create and configure this file manualy:


    environment: you-environment-name
  application_name: your-application-name
  default_ec2_keyname: ec2-key-pair-name
  default_platform: 64bit Amazon Linux 2015.03 v1.4.3 running Ruby 2.2 (Puma)
  default_region: sa-east-1
  profile: eb-cli
  sc: git
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