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public class EnumerationTypeConvention : IPropertyConvention, IPropertyConventionAcceptance
private static readonly Type OpenType = typeof(EnumerationType<>);
public void Apply(IPropertyInstance instance)
var closedType = OpenType.MakeGenericType(instance.Property.PropertyType);
public void Accept(IAcceptanceCriteria<IPropertyInspector> criteria)
criteria.Expect(x => IsEnumerationType(x.Property.PropertyType));
private bool IsEnumerationType(Type type)
return GetTypeHierarchy(type)
.Where(t => t.IsGenericType)
.Select(t => t.GetGenericTypeDefinition())
.Any(t => t == typeof(Enumeration<>));
private IEnumerable<Type> GetTypeHierarchy(Type type)
while (type != null)
yield return type;
type = type.BaseType;
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