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var conference = new Conference("CodeMash");
var attendee = new Attendee("Bob", "Joe") { Email = "" };
fixture.SaveAll(conference, attendee);
var model = new ConferenceEditModel {
Id = conference.Id,
Name = "BUILD",
Attendees = new[] {
new ConferenceEditModel.AttendeeModel {
Id = attendee.Id,
FirstName = "George",
LastName = "Smith",
Email = ""
var controller = fixture.CreateInstance<ConferenceController>();
var result = controller.Edit(model);
conference = fixture.GetById<Conference>(conference.Id);
attendee = fixture.GetById<Attendee>(attendee.Id);
result.ShouldBeRedirectTo<ConferenceController>(c => c.Index(null), "Default");

I put this comment in on the blog, but just to repeat it...

How does the assertion on line 33 pass? Your'e setting the attendee email address with a setter, and there's no "save" on the object afterwards. How can this test pass?

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