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Exporting a DNS Zone file from the TransIP API
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
use Badcow\DNS\Zone;
use Badcow\DNS\Rdata\Factory;
use Badcow\DNS\ResourceRecord;
use Badcow\DNS\AlignedBuilder;
// Login details, fill those in with your TransIP username, the file containing
// your private key, and the domain you would like to export
Transip_ApiSettings::$login = "<username>";
Transip_ApiSettings::$privateKey = file_get_contents('<private_key_file>');
$domainName = '<>';
// Get the domain info
$domain = Transip_DomainService::getInfo($domainName);
// Construct the zone file
$zone = new Zone($domainName . '.');
$zone->setDefaultTtl(1); // 1 means automatic
foreach($domain->dnsEntries as $dnsEntry) {
$rr = new ResourceRecord;
switch($dnsEntry->type) {
case Transip_DnsEntry::TYPE_A:
case Transip_DnsEntry::TYPE_AAAA:
case Transip_DnsEntry::TYPE_CNAME:
case Transip_DnsEntry::TYPE_MX:
list($pref,$cont) = explode(' ', $dnsEntry->content);
$rr->setRdata(Factory::Mx($pref, $cont));
case Transip_DnsEntry::TYPE_TXT:
throw new \RuntimeException('Migrating ' . $dnsEntry->type . ' records is not implemented');
echo AlignedBuilder::build($zone);
"require" : {
"transip/transip-api-php" : "dev-master",
"Badcow/DNS": "^1.0"
"repositories": [
"type" : "vcs",
"url" : ""
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ramonfincken commented Mar 23, 2021

Deprecation warning: require.Badcow/DNS is invalid, it should not contain uppercase characters. Please use badcow/dns instead. Make sure you fix this as Composer 2.0 will error.

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ramonfincken commented Mar 23, 2021

Changed to make it work, thanks for the setup!

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