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Ville's instructions from upgrading from 0.84.0 to 0.89.0

While writing this blog post, I spoke to @Ville to get a better idea of how people outside of Facebook upgraded their codebases. The new ReactRedux libdefs are for 0.89+, so just upgrading to 0.85.0 might not be enough. Here is how @Ville took's codebase from 0.84.0 to 0.89.0:

We went with brute-force approach, suppressing all the errors caused by the update. Roughly:

  1. remove all the problematic libdefs from the project
  2. update version by version until 0.89.0, adding suppressions/fixing issues as you go
  3. re-introduce libdefs one by one
  • suppress errors that you can't fix in reasonable time or lack domain knowledge or what ever.
  • you can use the flow tool to do this, and add a custom comment. In our case I added link to issue fixing guides:
  1. Emphasize the importance of fixing Flow suppressions for the whole team. (He said this part was especially difficult, but worth it)
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