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git squash last two commits into one
git rebase --interactive HEAD~2
# we are going to squash c into b
pick b76d157 b
pick a931ac7 c
# squash c into b
pick b76d157 b
s a931ac7 c
# after that just edit the commit message
# This is a combination of 2 commits.
# The first commit's message is:
# This is the 2nd commit message:
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fregante commented Jul 8, 2017

Merge the last 3 commits

git reset --soft HEAD~2 # notice this is 2, not 3
git commit --amend


commit 1
commit 2
commit 3


commit 1 # this will include commit 2 and commit 3


git reset --soft HEAD~2
git commit --amend -C HEAD # this will automatically pick `commit 1` as the commit name


I have this in my git config:

	fixup = "!f(){ git reset --soft HEAD~${1} && git commit --amend -C HEAD; };f"

And I use it as

git fixup 2 # merges the last 2 commits into their parent

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JDR36 commented Sep 7, 2017

Great gist. FYI for convenience you can make the parameter of the fixup git alias optional and set it to a default value of 1 by replacing ${1} with ${1-1}, e.g.:
fixup = "!f(){ git reset --soft HEAD~${1-1} && git commit --amend -C HEAD; };f"

So then you can just do:
git fixup # merges the last commit into its parent

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Thank you! this comments are golden!

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