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Created December 31, 2016 16:48
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Import blogger images into Jekyll
# Jekyll will import posts from Blogger, but they still contain image
# references to Blogger's CDN. This script:
# - Finds all image references in an imported blogger page
# - Downloads the images into the assets/ directory
# - Rewrites the page with the appropriate image link
import re
import sys
import urllib
IMG_RE = re.compile('<img[^>]+src="(?P<src>[^"]+)"')
DATE_RE = re.compile('(?P<date>[0-9]+\-[0-9]+\-[0-9]+)')
for filename in sys.argv[1:]:
date_prefix ='date')
with open(filename, 'r') as f:
file_index = 0
contents =
for match in IMG_RE.finditer(contents):
sourceurl ='src')
extstart = sourceurl.rfind('.')
extension = sourceurl[extstart:]
newfile = date_prefix + '-image-{:04d}{}'.format(file_index, extension)
file_index += 1
print('{} => {}'.format(sourceurl, newfile))
urllib.URLopener().retrieve(sourceurl, '../assets/' + newfile)
contents = contents.replace(sourceurl, '{{ site.url }}/assets/' + newfile)
with open(filename, 'w') as f:
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