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Created December 18, 2019 15:11
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live chat to chatbot transfer communication
on intent Default_Fallback_Intent from SlackPlatform do
val reactSlackMap = session.get("react-slack-map") as<String, String>
if(reactSlackMap !== null) {
val slackTs = context.get("slack").get("threadTs") as String
val reactChannel = reactSlackMap.inverse.get(slackTs)
if(reactChannel === null) {
if(slackTs.empty) {
* No threadTs means we are in the top-level conversation
SlackPlatform.Reply("You cannot reply in the top-level conversation, please use the dedicated threads")
} else {
SlackPlatform.Reply("_Sorry, I cannot forward your message, the client may have closed the session_")
} else {
ReactPlatform.PostMessage("[Real Human " + context.get("chat").get("username") + "] " + intent.matchedInput, reactChannel)
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