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# Created by SAMCOS @ MSFT, Collaboration with others!
## You must first connect to Microsoft Teams Powershell & Exchange Online Powershell for this to work.
## Links:
## Teams:
## Exchange:
## Have fun! Let me know if you have any comments or asks!
$AllTeamsInOrg = (Get-Team).GroupID
$TeamList = @()
Write-Output "This may take a little bit of time... Please sit back, relax and enjoy some GIFs inside of Teams!"
Write-Host ""
Foreach ($Team in $AllTeamsInOrg)
$TeamGUID = $Team.ToString()
$TeamGroup = Get-UnifiedGroup -identity $Team.ToString()
$TeamName = (Get-Team | ?{$_.GroupID -eq $Team}).DisplayName
$TeamOwner = (Get-TeamUser -GroupId $Team | ?{$_.Role -eq 'Owner'}).User
$TeamUserCount = ((Get-TeamUser -GroupId $Team).UserID).Count
$TeamCreationDate = Get-unifiedGroup -identity $team.ToString() | Select -expandproperty WhenCreatedUTC
$TeamGuest = (Get-UnifiedGroupLinks -LinkType Members -identity $Team | ?{$_.Name -match "#EXT#"}).Name
if ($TeamGuest -eq $null)
$TeamGuest = "No Guests in Team"
$TeamList = $TeamList + [PSCustomObject]@{TeamName = $TeamName; TeamObjectID = $TeamGUID; TeamCreationDate = $TeamCreationDate; TeamOwners = $TeamOwner -join ', '; TeamMemberCount = $TeamUserCount; TeamSite = $TeamGroup.SharePointSiteURL; AccessType = $TeamGroup.AccessType; TeamGuests = $TeamGuest -join ','}
$TestPath = test-path -path 'c:\temp'
if ($TestPath -ne $true) {New-Item -ItemType directory -Path 'c:\temp' | Out-Null
write-Host 'Creating directory to write file to c:\temp. Your file is uploaded as TeamsDatav2.csv'}
else {Write-Host "Your file has been uploaded to c:\temp as 'TeamsDatav2.csv'"}
$TeamList | export-csv c:\temp\TeamsDatav2.csv -NoTypeInformation
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