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# These tasks install http and the php modules.
- name: Install http and php etc
yum: name={{ item }} state=present
- httpd
- php
- php-mysql
- git
- libsemanage-python
- libselinux-python
- name: insert iptables rule for httpd
lineinfile: dest=/etc/sysconfig/iptables create=yes state=present regexp="{{ httpd_port }}" insertafter="^:OUTPUT "
line="-A INPUT -p tcp --dport {{ httpd_port }} -j ACCEPT"
notify: restart iptables
- name: http service state
service: name=httpd state=started enabled=yes
- name: Configure SELinux to allow httpd to connect to remote database
seboolean: name=httpd_can_network_connect_db state=true persistent=yes
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