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How to Make a Good Project Great


  • Building projects is the best way to develop and refine your skill as a developer
  • And while you have 0 years of professional software development experience, people are going to be skeptical that you can actually do the things you say you can do.
  • Your portfolio serves as a form of proof. Your portfolio isn’t going to win you a job, but it can win you an interview.
  • And one thing I’ve been saying over and over the last few months — job applications do not reliably convert to interviews, but interviews reliably convert to jobs.
  • Typically if you get into about 5 interview processes then you’re going to get a job offer. 10 interview processes and you might see 2 or 3 job offers.
  • So you build projects to build your skill, but you might as well build projects that build your portfolio that could then make someone say “sounds interesting…bring them in for an interview.”

Tools We Have for Contact

  • LinkedIn Post Comment
  • LinkedIn Connection Request
  • Mutual-Contact LinkedIn Message
  • Mutual-Contact Email Intro
  • Phone Call
  • In-Person Office Visit
  • Cold Email #1, #2, #3
  • Twitter / X
jcasimir /
Created October 17, 2023 20:25
DSA Dojo - Linked List project hidden test
## L1. Append Multiple Nodes and Count
def test_(self):
import list
list = list.List()
self.assertEquals(list.count(), 0)
jcasimir /
Created October 10, 2023 23:38
(Mostly) Live-Coded Recursive Linked List in Python
# This was the first version where the list does more "head-checking"
# instead of the final version ( where the head uses a null object
class RecursiveList:
def __init__(self):
self.head = None
def count(self):
if self.head:
return self.head.count()
class Node:
def __init__(self, value):
self.value = value = None
def append(self, value):
else: = Node(value)

Hello Courtney,

The Brand Coordinator role stood out to me because I am creative, organized, and have over 7 years of professional media experience. In each position I've held, I have developed systems for managing campaigns, created multi-channel content, and collaborated with team members across departments.

Through leading various production and digital media campaigns for organizations in Denver, CO over the past 4 years, I have increased engagement and operating funds by over 11% collectively. I've utilized Google Analytics to create strategic marketing plans for clients and manipulated metadata and tags on WordPress sites to enhance SEO. Further, my communications work with Skill Distillery involved managing a number of events and creating marketing collateral to increase company recognition and strengthen employer relationships.

I am self-motivated, learn quickly, and work well under pressure. Much of my work has been directly related to education and I believe my interpersonal skills would allow me

Hi Courtney,

My name is Connie, and I'm a brand-minded content strategist and copywriter currently looking for new opportunities in the Denver area. I wanted to throw my name in the hat for your Brand Coordinator position! I was referred to your job posting by Josh Cass at Bonusly--he said he wasn't sure if you guys remembered him, but to pass his name along.

With experience in fast-paced agency environments, I have the chops to get things done accurately, efficiently and creatively. At my previous Copywriter positions for Jacobs Agency and Misix, I took ownership of my clients’ voice, tone and style to create meaningful content of all types. From crafting the perfect subject line to crafting a more engaging case study, I work strategically to develop and represent a brand’s goals and objectives.

I don’t have much experience in managing marketing campaigns on my own, but I am very much willing to learn. I believe strongly in alternative education tracks, especially for underprivileged and undervalued c

Exploring a Variable-Length Array

  • You've been provided the "snapshot" of a heap with 64 addressed slots link to printable map
  • The marker for "Array Start" is 126
  • The slot after an "Array Start" is the address of the first value
  • The slot after that first value is the address of the second value
  • The slot after the second value is the address of the third value, and so on
  • The marker for "Array End" is 127
  1. Write out the values in this array in normal JavaScript notation

Binary Sort


Complete these steps with roles Person 1 (P1) and Person 2 (P2):

  • P1 selects 8 of your numbers at random
  • P2 walks through the Building the Tree algorithm for those eight numbers out loud without counting steps
  • P1 walks through the Traversing the Tree algorithm out loud without counting steps
  • P1 adds four new cards, shuffles

Merge Sort


Complete these steps with roles Person 1 (P1) and Person 2 (P2):

  • P1 selects 5 of your numbers at random
  • P2 walks through the algorithm sorting those five numbers out loud to practice without counting steps
  • P1 adds three new cards, shuffles, and sorts the set out loud. P2 counts the steps using the guidelines below.
  • P2 adds two more cards, shuffles, and sorts the set out loud. P1 counts the steps using the guidelines below