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jerrykrinock / JerryLib.scptd
Last active May 24, 2022
My personal utility library of AppleScript handlers, and some one-liners
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-- To load this library, see section titled "-- Using a handler in a .scpt library" at the top of One_Liners.scpt.
on testJerryLib()
return 0
end testJerryLib
(* The bad thing about this handler is that it always asks the user for admin credentials whether or not they are actually needed to answer the question on the given path.
Obviously, you can remove the 'with adminstrator privileges'. Unfortunately, this will cause the method to return 'false' if an existing path cannot be probed because of bad permissions. I can't see any way to differentiate between inadequate permissions and nonexisting file because they both set errNumber = 54.
The -e checks for directories or files. To require that the given path be a directory, use -d. For file, use -f. For more variations, see: *)