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List All Key/Value Pairs in Redis using the Predis Library. Assumes that Redis is running locally on default port 6379 with no password auth
//Include Predis library. See for more info
require "Predis/Autoloader.php";
//Connect to Redis
try {
$redis = new Predis\Client();
$redis = new Predis\Client(array(
"scheme" => "tcp",
"host" => ""))
catch (Exception $e) {
echo "Couldn't connect to Redis";
echo $e->getMessage();
//Get list of all keys. This creates an array of keys from the redis-cli output of "KEYS *"
$list = $redis->keys("*");
//Optional: Sort Keys alphabetically
//Loop through list of keys
foreach ($list as $key)
//Get Value of Key from Redis
$value = $redis->get($key);
//Print Key/value Pairs
echo "<b>Key:</b> $key <br /><b>Value:</b> $value <br /><br />";
//Disconnect from Redis

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@DianaBabenko DianaBabenko commented Feb 12, 2021

thanks, it's works)


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@th-lange th-lange commented May 23, 2021

While this works and is a correct solution,
just keep in mind that some cloud Redis options do not support the "key *" command - as it is very expensive.

A workaround to this is described here:

use Predis\Collection\Iterator;

$client = ...;
$pattern = 'foo*';

foreach (new Iterator\Keyspace($client, $pattern) as $key) {
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