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WordPress Menu items that have children are not flagged as such until visiting the permalink of a child link. This gist forces a custom Walker on all calls to wp_nav_menu that adds a class to parents out of the box.
* Iti_Walker_Flag_Parents
* Adds a class of 'menu-item-parent' to all WordPress Menu items that have children
class Iti_Walker_Flag_Parents extends Walker_Nav_Menu
function display_element($element, &$children_elements, $max_depth, $depth=0, $args, &$output)
$id_field = $this->db_fields['id'];
if (!empty($children_elements[$element->$id_field]))
$element->classes[] = 'menu-item-parent';
Walker_Nav_Menu::display_element($element, $children_elements, $max_depth, $depth, $args, $output);
// callback that sets a Menu Walker argument to be an instantiation of Iti_Walker_Flag_Parents
function iti_set_flag_parents( $args )
return array_merge( $args, array(
'walker' => new Iti_Walker_Flag_Parents()
) );
// we're always going to add our custom Walker
add_filter( 'wp_nav_menu_args', 'iti_set_flag_parents' );
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jchristopher commented Sep 5, 2012

Important to note that if implemented, this gist applies the Walker to all calls to wp_nav_menu

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