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Protocol extensions open existentials
protocol HumanType {}
protocol HasName {}
func printHumanName<T: protocol<HumanType, HasName>>(x: T) {}
// It currently isn't possible to directly pass a protocol<> type value
// as a concrete value conforming to the protocol. However, a protocol
// extension method's Self type *is* a concrete type conforming to the
// extending protocol. By introducing extension methods we can "open"
// the protocol existential and use the opened Self type with generics.
// (Yes, this is a hacky workaround, and we should have first-class
// support for it in the language. Doug Gregor addresses this as
// a missing feature in the "Opening Existentials" section of his
// Generics Manifesto:
// )
extension HumanType where Self: HasName {
private func _printHumanName() {
printHumanName(x: self)
func tryToPrintUnknownData(unknownData: Any) {
if let unknownData = unknownData as? protocol<HumanType, HasName> {
// Compile Error: cannot invoke 'printHumanName'
// with an argument list of type '(protocol<HasName, HumanType>)'
// However, we can use an extension method on the protocol value:
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