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How to write a cover letter

Dear XCorp / Hi, XCorp depending on familiarity

I'm writing in response to X, where you advertised a vacancy for Y. I am interested in applying for this role -- please find my CV attached.

My current employment position is X, which means I'm responsible for delivering/organising/producing A, B, and C. I was previously the Y at Z where I did D. My main responsibility / largest project here has been P, which is a Widget that produces Doo-dads.

While I enjoy working at X for reasons K and L, I find M frustrating. I'm also looking to move on into areas such as N, P and Q, without losing touch with K. I find K valuable but I would prefer to change my working environment to include P.

I'm particularly interested in XCorp because, as well as providing the career experience I'm after, I use your product / admire your work / look up to your staff for these reasons: ...

I have N years experience in skills F, G and H that are relevant to the job. My personal philosophy around this sort of work is something like R and S and I can see these are values you hold dear and are looking for in your staff.

I do a bunch of other things in my spare time that demonstrate passion and advanced skill level in this line of work, if you'd like to know more here are some links to my side projects.

Thank you for considering my application.

Yours, Some Jobless Guy


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kedwards99 commented Feb 14, 2018

Thanks. This will be useful for the job application and cover letter I'm preparing for a position at GitHub. ;)

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