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SVG image for your github contributions calendar
require "nokogiri"
require "open-uri"
url = "{params['username']}"
document = Nokogiri::HTML(open(url))
contrib_boxes = document.css('svg.js-calendar-graph-svg')[0]
width = (params['width']||54*13-2).to_i
height = (params['height']||89).to_i
contrib_boxes.at_css('>g')['transform']='translate(0, 0)'
day_boxes = contrib_boxes.css('g>g')
day_boxes.each_with_index{|box, m|
box['transform']="translate(#{m*((width-53*2)/54+2)}, 0)"
col['y'] = col['y'].to_i-(11-(height-12)/7)*col['y'].to_i/13
:body => contrib_boxes.to_html,
:content_type => 'image/svg+xml;charset=utf-8'

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@jcouyang jcouyang commented Dec 20, 2015

SVG screenshot of you Github Contributions Wall


you can ommit width and height parameter and get the default size just like it is in github.


visit will get you the svg file

Now you can paste it in any where you want

<img src="" />
  1. blog
  2. email signature
  3. forum signature

lookat my awesome email signature for example


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@delight09 delight09 commented Nov 17, 2017

Hi @jcouyang ,

Good job on the script, it's working smoothly.

You can try this reliable github API to retrive SVG data which would make the script slightly more readable.

FYI, here's my implement with it.

Edit: Provide git blame against the API.


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@youyiqin youyiqin commented May 3, 2020

It's well.I will take it for my blog home page.Thanks!!!

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