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What would you like to do?
Name of thing Sorta like... Mounted? Can you even setState? What would you say... ya do here?
constructor initialize() nope nope init stuff NO side effects
componentWillMount beforeDomReady() nope yeah but don't Only needed in createClass now use constructor for most things
render render nope please no render stuff and don't set any state please
componentDidMount domReady() yup yup DOM is a go init jQuery plugins dispatch stuff
componentWillReceiveProps onChange() yup yup Props changed feel free to update state if needed
componentWillUpdate beforeRender() yup nope The props or state changed need to do anything else before rendering?
shouldComponentUpdate shouldRender() yup nope So yeah something changed but do we REALLY need to update?
componentDidUpdate afterRender() yup yup Great success we've rendered a thing... anything else?
componentWillUnmount destroy() too late too late Only you can prevent memory leaks aka unbind things

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@coreyar coreyar commented Feb 22, 2018

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