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@jcromartie jcromartie/history.clj Secret
Created Jan 19, 2011

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Data structure to track changes over time
(defn get-time
(.getTime (java.util.Date.)))
;; history-seq
(defn action
"Attach keys and values to history stream"
[hist & keyvals]
(let [m (apply hash-map keyvals)
base {:time (get-time)}]
(conj hist (merge base m))))
(defn historic
"Create a new history stream"
[& keyvals]
(apply action '() keyvals))
(defn history
"Get built-up states of history stream over time"
(reduce (fn
[states update]
(conj states (merge (last states) update)))
(sort-by :time hist)))
(defn current
"Get current state of history stream"
(last (history hist)))
(defn at
"Get state of history stream at specific point in time"
[hist time]
(last (filter #(<= (or (:time %) 0) time) (history hist))))
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