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@jcromartie jcromartie/atom.cljs forked from newsomc/atom.cljs
Last active Dec 14, 2015

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(defn make-ghost
{:get-tick 0, :eatable nil, :color nil, :eaten nil, :specs color, :position nil, :due nil, :map nil, :direction nil})
(def ghost-specs ["#00FFDE" "#FF0000" "#FFB8DE" "#FFB847"])
(def game-state (atom {:state nil
:audio []
:ghosts (mapv make-ghost ghost-specs)
:eaten-count 0
:level 0
:tick 0
:n-score 0
:block-size nil}))
(def ghost-init-state
{:eaten true, :eatable true, :position {:x 90, :y 80}})
(defn reset-ghost
(merge-with merge ghost ghost-init-state))
(defn reset-ghost-state! [ghost]
(swap! game-state (fn [state] (update-in [:ghosts] #(map reset-ghost %)))))
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