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@jcromartie jcromartie/xpath.clj
Last active Dec 15, 2015

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;; factory factories, etc.
(def dbf (doto (DocumentBuilderFactory/newInstance)
(.setNamespaceAware true)))
(def doc-builder (.newDocumentBuilder dbf))
(defn namespace-map
"Returns an implementation of NamespaceContext ... actual usefulness TBD"
(let [prefixes (fn [uri] (map key (filter #(= uri (val %)) mapping)))]
(proxy [Object NamespaceContext] []
(getNamespaceURI [prefix] (get mapping prefix))
(getPrefix [uri] (first (prefixes uri)))
(getPrefixes [uri] (.iterator (prefixes uri))))))
(defn xpath-instance
(let [instance (.newXPath (XPathFactory/newInstance))]
(if mapping
(doto instance
(.setNamespaceContext (namespace-map mapping)))
;; the meat of it
(defn parse
"Returns DOM Document by loading and parsing resource at f"
(.parse doc-builder ( f)))
(defn node-seq
"Returns a seq of the nodes in nodelist"
[^NodeList nodelist]
(map #(.item nodelist %) (range (.getLength nodelist))))
(def ^:dynamic *xpath* nil)
(defmacro with-ns-mappings
[mappings & forms]
`(binding [*xpath* (xpath-instance ~mappings)]
(defn xpath
"Evaluates xpath expression in the context of given node (or doc),
returns seq of nodes that match"
[node expr]
(let [xpath-instance (or *xpath* (xpath-instance nil))
compiled (.compile xpath-instance expr)]
(node-seq (.evaluate compiled node XPathConstants/NODESET))))
(defn node?
(isa? (class x) Node))
(defn text
"Returns text of XML DOM Node or sequence of nodes"
(seq? node) (clojure.string/join " " (map text node))
(node? node) (.getTextContent node)
:else nil))
(defn attr
"Returns node's attr value for key"
[node key]
(when-let [item (.getNamedItem (.getAttributes node) key)]
(.getValue item)))
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