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@jcward jcward/clipboard-source.c Secret
Created Jun 29, 2015

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Playing with finding clipboard source application
// gcc clipboard-owner.c -lX11 -o clipboard-owner
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include <X11/Xatom.h>
typedef unsigned long ulong;
static char *get_property(Display *, Window, Atom , const char *, ulong *);
Window get_parent_window(Display* d, Window start){
Window w = start;
Window parent = start;
Window root = None;
Window *children;
unsigned int nchildren;
Status s;
s = XQueryTree(d, start, &root, &parent, &children, &nchildren);
return parent;
int main(void)
// Open the Display
Display *display = XOpenDisplay(NULL);
// Get the selection window
Window selection_owner = XGetSelectionOwner(display, XA_PRIMARY);
if(!selection_owner) {
} else {
Window w = 0x3e00048; //selection_owner;
char *window_name = NULL;
while (window_name==NULL) {
printf("Trying: 0x%0x\n", w);
window_name = get_property(display, w, XA_STRING, "WM_NAME", NULL);
if (window_name==NULL) w = get_parent_window(display, w);
if (w==0) {
printf("Error, failed to find parent!\n");
printf("%s\n", window_name);
static char *get_property (Display *disp, Window win,
Atom xa_prop_type, const char *prop_name, ulong *size) {
Atom xa_prop_name;
Atom xa_ret_type;
int ret_format;
ulong ret_nitems;
ulong ret_bytes_after;
ulong tmp_size;
unsigned char *ret_prop;
char *ret;
xa_prop_name = XInternAtom(disp, prop_name, False);
if (XGetWindowProperty(disp, win, xa_prop_name, 0,
xa_prop_type, &xa_ret_type, &ret_format,
&ret_nitems, &ret_bytes_after, &ret_prop) != Success) {
//printf("Cannot get %s property.\n", prop_name);
return NULL;
if (xa_ret_type != xa_prop_type) {
//printf("Invalid type of %s property.\n", prop_name);
return NULL;
/* null terminate the result to make string handling easier */
tmp_size = (ret_format / 8) * ret_nitems;
/* Correct 64 Architecture implementation of 32 bit data */
if(ret_format==32) tmp_size *= sizeof(long)/4;
ret = (char *)malloc(tmp_size + 1);
memcpy(ret, ret_prop, tmp_size);
ret[tmp_size] = '\0';
if (size) {
*size = tmp_size;
return ret;
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