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<p>Join Mediavine by helping us build the future, and your own online community, by opting into the open beta.</p>
<p> is a new platform by Mediavine to help you increase traffic, make more money, build your audience and improve user experience.</p>
<p>You don't need WordPress or the Grow Social Pro plugin to run, which works directly from the Mediavine script wrapper. There will be enhanced features if you use Social Pro, but it is not required to run</p>
<p> brings the speed and stability of Mediavine Ad Management to Grow, and it's where we’ll be adding future features. Right now, it will run alongside the WordPress Grow Social Pro plugin.</p>
<p>The initial beta allows readers to love, bookmark and share your content easily to their favorite social platforms. But this is only the beginning. We've got big ideas, all designed to enhance your website for readers and keep them coming back.</p>
<p>So much is coming to the beta that you can be part of today. It runs through your Mediavine Dashboard and is free for all publishers. Just toggle it on.</p>
<p>Opt in using this form and get started today. We are only as strong our community, and with your feedback we can all ... wait for it ... Grow together. (Sorry.)</p>
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