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@jdegoes jdegoes/mini-zio.scala
Last active Feb 29, 2020

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final case class ZIO[-R, +E, +A](run: R => Either[E, A]) {
final def map[B](f: A => B): ZIO[R, E, B] =
ZIO(r => run(r).map(f))
final def flatMap[R1 <: R, E1 >: E, B](f: A => ZIO[R1, E1, B]): ZIO[R1, E1, B] =
ZIO(r => run(r).flatMap(a => f(a).run(r)))
final def provide(r: R): ZIO[Any, E, A] =
ZIO(_ => run(r))
final def either: ZIO[R, Nothing, Either[E, A]] =
ZIO(r => Right(run(r)))
object ZIO {
def succeed[A](a: A): ZIO[Any, Nothing, A] = ZIO(_ => Right(a))
def fail[E](e: E): ZIO[Any, E, Nothing] = ZIO(_ => Left(e))
def environment[R]: ZIO[R, Nothing, R] = ZIO(r => Right(r))
def effect[A](action: => A): ZIO[Any, Throwable, A] = ZIO { _ =>
try Right(action)
catch {
case t : Throwable => Left(t)

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pierangeloc commented Nov 18, 2019

to adhere better to the original, shouldn't access be environment ?


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jdegoes commented Nov 18, 2019

@pierangeloc Done, thank you!

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