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Redirect script sample NGINX code. Make sure this location line sits above the "location /" code in your NGINX config.
location /redirect/ {
rewrite ^/redirect/(.*)$ /redirect/index.php?id=$1 last;
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I wasn't able to get this code snippet to work until I changed the references to redirect to out. Until then, I kept getting 404s when I would click on a cloaked affiliate link, to test it out.

Please advise if that was an incorrect, or otherwise improper, workaround.

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@vDevices Yes, We have to change the directory according to we have uploaded the files

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Does anyone have an .htaccess equivalent? How would I do this in Apache?

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Hi @jdevalk,

Isn't working for me. works for me, but somehow the pretty url part isn't. What am I doing wrong?

location /out/ { rewrite ^/out/(.*)$ /out/index.php?id=$1 last; }

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Got it working. I was adding it inside my http block instead of https block

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For some reason, this doesnt work in a wordpress installation (in a normal site yes), anyone imagining why?
Edit, problem solved:
Dont use index.php as link file but choose other file name.

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KoenV91 commented Apr 14, 2016

Can't really figure out how to get it working on NGINX. Do i need to delete the .htaccess file in the /out/ folder and upload this file and change the /redirect/ to the folder name im using? Or do i change code in the general nginxconfig file in the root of my website?

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@sceptic30 Thanks for the heads up. That did the trick.

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