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Created Feb 28, 2019
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Memory management benchmark - shedding Eddys
This benchmark maintains an array of roots and randomly either pushes
onto them and relinks them or empties them. If I designed it correctly
then this should rapidly create unreachable subgraphs, some of which
are cyclic.
This is a torture test for any kind of reference counting.
type Vertex = { mutable Dst: Vertex }
let search (xs: seq<Vertex>) =
let s = HashSet HashIdentity.Reference
let stack = Stack xs
while stack.Count > 0 do
let x = stack.Pop()
if not(s.Contains x) then
let _ = s.Add x
stack.Push x.Dst
let make _ =
let t = { Dst = Unchecked.defaultof<_> }
t.Dst <- t
let rand = System.Random 3
let roots = Array.init 2000 make
for n in 1..1000000000 do
let i = rand.Next roots.Length
let j = rand.Next roots.Length
if i=j then
roots.[i] <- make()
let oi, oj = roots.[i], roots.[j]
roots.[i] <- { Dst = oj }
roots.[j] <- { Dst = oi }
if n % 1000000 = 0 then
let count = search roots
printfn "%d %d" (System.GC.GetTotalMemory false) count
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