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A list of resources for Destiny 2 players

Hi folks,

I've put together a list of resources for players of a variety of skill levels. If anyone has any corrections or suggestions please let me know!


Destiny official app, for LFG and clan chat:

Inventory management:
An absolute must - get your kit around your characters even when away from The Tower, always ensure you're at maximum light level and quickly switch to specific loadouts for PvP etc.
	Cross platform / a little clunky on mobile / really extensive featureset / user reviews helps you find hidden gems / has loadouts:
		Ishtar Commander:
		Light Speed - great for new players to see how to get a higher power level:
	(if anyone knows of an iOS app with loadouts please let me know).
		Ishtar Commander:
		Vault Item Manager (has loadouts):
		Light Speed - great for new players to see how to get a higher power level:
		Arcadia - keep track of exotic, legendary collections on Android:

PvP tracker for stats and in-depth details:

Item stats

The importance of recovery - gif showing difference in regeneration from 1-10:
Full armour set gallery:
Video reviews of exotic weapons:
Video reviews of, well, everything: has user reviews for most armour and weapons now. Watch out for secret blues that do well in PvP!


/r/DestinyTheGame (warning, high salt content): /r/Destiny2 (generally a bit more fun): /r/DestinyFashion:

Public Heroic event cheatsheet:

Raid resources:

Leviathan for dummies (thanks McAwesome for this one) - some of the strats can be improved upon, but a great resource. I know 40 minutes is a long time but it's better than 3 hours of making everyone wipe and getting frustrated! Polygon's text guide is pretty great and includes maps and loadout guidance: Leviathan underbelly 3D map: Leviathan underbelly 2D map: Polygon underbelly guide with galleries:

1,5,3,2,4,6 (it's all the odds, then all the evens, but 5 and 3 are switched)

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