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How to submit a MobileFrontend

Welcome brave explorer to your Wikimedia adventure....

To become a Wikipedia mobile developer you must first, pass 3 brave quests!

Quest 1 - Get a working local version of MobileFrontend

Your first challenge is to clone the three essential repos that you need to get the Wikipedia mobile site showing on your local machine. Imagine these are three crystals that will unlock the power of mobile (or something like that!)

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Install MediaWiki
  • Install MobileFrontend (this repo!)
  • Install Minerva ** Avoid thinking too much about what the difference between MobileFrontend and Minerva is for now it's not important at all. That's like quest 5, or something.
  • Click the "mobile view" link in the bottom of the page.
  • Rejoice that you have a working MediaWiki instance that looks a bit like Wikipedia and has a desktop and mobile site.

Quest 2 - Submit a patch

Your second challenge if you choose to accept it, it to submit your first patch.

  • Create a new file in the MobileFrontend root directory (ie. the same folder as this file)
  • In that file - write a small blurb about what your skills are and what you are interested in helping with!
  • Commit the file!
  • Install Gerrit so that you can send the file to us.
  • Run git review
  • If successful, the command will give you a URI.
  • Go to the URI and "abandon" the patchset to show us you understand the Gerrit workflow.

Quest 3 - submit your first contribution

  • Once you have completed challenge 2, one of our developers will make contact on Gerrit to help you find a place to contribute to our wonderful crazy world!
  • If we're taking too long travel to #wikimedia-mobile on our IRC channel and quite rightly tell us off.
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