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/* @flow */
import { Platform } from 'react-native'
const PLATFORM_PREFERENCES = Object.freeze({
ios: ['ios', 'mobile'],
android: ['android', 'mobile'],
web: ['web'],
type SelectOnPlatformValues<T> =
| {|
mobile: T,
web: T,
| {|
ios: T,
android: T,
web: T,
export default <T>(values: SelectOnPlatformValues<T>): T => {
const possibleKeys = PLATFORM_PREFERENCES[Platform.OS]
const key = possibleKeys.find(key => values.hasOwnProperty(key))
if (key === undefined) {
throw new Error(`Cannot find value for current platform (${Platform.OS})`)
// $FlowFixMe
const value: T = values[key]
return value
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