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Description of Authparty authentication scheme which extends the counterparty: url scheme to support actions and callbacks
  Title: QR Authorization spec
  Author: Jeremy Johnson 
  Status: Draft
  Type: Informational
  Created: 2016-11-20

This extends the counterparty url scheme to add support for message signing and a callback


Additional Query keys

  • action: action to perform [sign, broadcast, bet]
  • callback: URL to do form POST callback to


A callback to the specified url will be called once the action is performed, and any data will be passed via a POST request.

The callback URL must be a valid URL beginning with http: or https:

When passing querystring parameters for a callback url, the URL must be a URL encoded value.


Encoded URL:

sign Callback Data

When the action is sign the callback data will contain :

  • address: address that signed the message
  • message: message that was signed
  • signature: signature of message signed with address

The callback data will also include any querystring parameters specified in the callback url.


Sign message with address and return data to callback url:


Broadcast message from address:


UI Suggestions

If action is specified, verify action with user to ensure action is truly desired.

If no address is provided (counterparty:?), prompt user to select address, or use current/default address.

If action is sign and no callback is specified, display the sign message dialog to the user.

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