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DoubleSlider for PyQt/PySide
from PySide import QtGui
class DoubleSlider(QtGui.QSlider):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
# Set integer max and min. These stay constant.
self._max_int = 10000
# The "actual" min and max values seen by user
self._min_value = 0.0
self._max_value = 100.0
def _value_range(self):
return self._max_value - self._min_value
def setMinimum(self, value):
self.setRange(value, self._max_value)
def setMaximum(self, value):
self.setRange(self._min_value, value)
def setRange(self, minimum, maximum):
old_value = self.value()
self._min_value = minimum
self._max_value = maximum
self.setValue(old_value) # Put slider in correct position
def value(self):
return float(super().value()) / self._max_int * self._value_range
def setValue(self, value):
super().setValue(int(value / self._value_range * self._max_int))
def proportion(self):
return (self.value() - self._min_value) / self._value_range
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