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Forked from addyosmani/timeUntil.js
Last active August 29, 2015 14:22
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var timeUntil = {
inHours: function(d1, d2) {
return parseInt((d2.getTime()-d1.getTime())/(24*3600), 10);
inDays: function(d1, d2) {
return parseInt((d2.getTime()-d1.getTime())/(24*3600*1000), 10);
inWeeks: function(d1, d2) {
return parseInt((d2.getTime()-d1.getTime())/(24*3600*1000*7), 10);
inMonths: function(d1, d2) {
return (d2.getMonth()+12*d2.getFullYear())-(d1.getMonth()+12*d1.getFullYear());
inYears: function(d1, d2) {
return d2.getFullYear()-d1.getFullYear();
var endDate = new Date("July, 20, 2012");
var startDate = new Date();
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