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Converting from DJVU to PDF
# Here is the software that is needed for the conversion to take place:
# 1. DjVuLibre .
# 2. LibTiff .
# NOTE: The ddjvu utility has an option to convert specific layers. One common mistake is to convert only the mask layer
# or the foreground layer . Technically speaking, the mask layer is the one that should have the actual text but in
# practice I have seen that the the DjVu encoder occasionally puts portions of the text in the background layer. Thus,
# if you only take the foreground or mask layers, you will lose those bits in the background. If your specific files
# don't have that issue, that you should use the layer switch since it reduces file size and increases readibility.
djvu -verbose -format=tif %1 temp.tif
tiff2pdf temp.tif -o %2
rm temp.tif
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