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Disable all Trusted CA CERTs on Android 4.x and later (requires root)
# disables all trusted root certs on your Android 4.x
# by jduck of #droidsec
# requires a working openssl binary in /data/local/tmp
# (you can build one from AOSP "make openssl")
# run this as system!! for example:
# shell@flo:/data/local/tmp $ su system -c ./
# shell@flo:/data/local/tmp $
# if you want to re-enable a key, either do it manually or rm the file created in
# /data/misc/keychain/cacerts-removed
# for example, to re-enable some geotrust and verisign certs:
# system@flo:/data/local/tmp $ ./busybox grep -Ei 'O=(geotrust|verisign)' /etc/security/cacerts/* | ./busybox awk -F: '{print $1}' | ./busybox sort -u | ./busybox awk -F/ '{print "rm /data/misc/keychain/cacerts-removed/"$5}' | sh
# system@flo:/data/local/tmp $
# enjoy!
umask 022
if ! mkdir -p /data/misc/keychain/cacerts-removed; then
echo "failed to create /data/misc/keychain/cacerts-removed! are you system??"
exit 1
cd /etc/security/cacerts
for ii in *; do
/data/local/tmp/openssl x509 -in $ii -outform der -out /data/misc/keychain/cacerts-removed/$ii

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commented Oct 20, 2014

Cool. Nice little code bit

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