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Last active Dec 10, 2019
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Find all anchor URLs (including in web components' shadow root nodes)
function recursiveFindAnchors(node) {
if (!node) return []
// Find anchors URLs
const bareAnchorURLs = [...node.querySelectorAll('a')].map(anchor => formatHref(anchor.href))
// Find all shadow roots
const allShadowRoots = [...node.querySelectorAll('*')].filter(node => node.shadowRoot).map(node => node.shadowRoot)
// No web components in here
if (allShadowRoots.length === 0) return bareAnchorURLs
// Accumulate and go a deeper level in each, you can use flatMap() if supported instead
return bareAnchorURLs.concat(
function formatHref (href) {
if (!href) return ''
const {origin, pathname} = new URL(href)
return origin + pathname
console.log([ Set(recursiveFindAnchors(document.body))])
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