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Week 1

Theme: Basic java dev

Small wins:

  • GET (for JSONP) on SocialIntel request (enables Chrome Ext on (mike)
  • Endpoints for adding a person to a Twitter List (mike)
  • Avoid publishing from expired portal (requested by Support) (mike)

Week 2

Theme: Intro to monitoring. Replicate a PR related to infrastructure

  • Implement monitoring unboxing metric (get a number on big board) (jeff)
  • Move one use of MemcacheIF to new ReadThroughCache (part of Eric A’s chaos monkey readiness)
  • Super-Mute
  • JIRA TBD (pick a bug to go through the process)
  • Silence a Sentry

Week 3-4

Theme: 3-4 day projects. Intro to DB.

  • Corporate access for channels/accounts (needed for Inbox and new Settings)
  • Filling in data for new social analytics
  • Rework “Enable for Monitoring”. Find a way to turn on for everyone.

Month 2

Theme: Delve deep into reports

  • Testing framework around reports calculation.
  • Monitoring
  • Develop plan to recalculate stats. Build / deploy new job.
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