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Basic implementation of encryption and decryption in CFML using AWS KMS and the AWS SDK for Java (Tested on Lucee 4.5)
// Step 1: Download AWS SDK for Java
// Step 2: Copy [sdk archive]/lib/aws-java-sdk-1.10.47.jar to WEB-INF/lucee/lib
// Step 3: Create IAM User and obtain basic credentials (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key)
// Step 4: Create IAM Encryption Key add "Step 3 IAM User" as a Key User (remove as Key Administrator)
// Step 5: Obtain Key Id for "Step 4 IAM Encryption Key"
// Reference:
public Any function getBasicAWSCredentials( required string AccessKeyId, required string SecretAccessKey ) {
return CreateObject(
public Any function getAWSKMSClient( required Any credentials ) {
return createObject(
public Any function kmsEncrypt( required Any kmsClient, required string plaintext, required string KeyId ){
var b64Plaintext = ToBase64(arguments.plaintext);
var binPlaintext = toBinary(b64Plaintext);
var binPlaintextLen = JavaCast("int", ArrayLen(binPlaintext));
var encryptBuffer = CreateObject("java", "java.nio.ByteBuffer");
var arrBuffer = encryptBuffer.Allocate(binPlaintextLen);
arrBuffer.put(binPlaintext, JavaCast( "int", 0 ), JavaCast( "int", binPlaintextLen));
var bytePlainText = encryptBuffer.wrap( arrBuffer.array() );
var encryptRequest = createObject("java", "");
var binCipherText = arguments.kmsClient.encrypt(encryptRequest).getCiphertextBlob().array();
var b64CipherText = toBase64(binCipherText);
return b64CipherText;
public Any function kmsDecrypt( required Any kmsClient, required Any b64CipherText ){
var binCipherText = toBinary(arguments.b64CipherText);
var binCipherTextLen = JavaCast("int", ArrayLen(binCipherText));
var decryptBuffer = CreateObject("java", "java.nio.ByteBuffer");
var arrBuffer = decryptBuffer.Allocate(binCipherTextLen);
arrBuffer.put(binCipherText, JavaCast( "int", 0 ), JavaCast( "int", binCipherTextLen));
var byteCipherText = decryptBuffer.wrap( arrBuffer.array() );
var decryptRequest = createObject("java", "");
var binPlainText = arguments.kmsClient.decrypt(decryptRequest).getPlaintext();
var strPlainText = toString(binPlainText.array());
return strPlainText;
try {
// Set Basic Authentication Credentials
credentials = getBasicAWSCredentials("{YOUR ACCESS KEY ID}", "{YOUR SECRET ACCESS KEY}");
// Create KMS Client
kms = getAWSKMSClient(credentials);
plaintext = "123456789101112";
keyId = "{YOUR KEY ID FROM STEP 5}";
// Encrypt the plaintext, returns Base64
b64CipherText = kmsEncrypt(kms, plaintext, keyId);
// Decrypt the Base64 Ciphertext, returns a string
decryptedCipherText = kmsDecrypt(kms, b64CipherText);
// If it works, then the plaintext and decryptedCipherText should be identical (returns 0)
writeDump(Compare(plaintext, decryptedCipherText));
catch (Any excpt){
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