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If you plan to attend this workshop in a conference, as network availibility is often flaky, please check you have the following :

  • A laptop + cord
  • Install docker 1.11
    • Install with Toolbox for windows or for Mac
    • If you haven't done it already, register for the Docker for desktop beta at, and give us your hub account name during the session we can probably do something for you.
  • Test your docker installation works fine
    • docker run hello-world and check you see the welcome message
    • docker run -p 8080:80 nginx and open your browser to your machine on port 8080 and check you see nginx default page.
  • Warm up your local docker machine with the following images :
    • docker pull dockerdemos/lab-web
    • docker pull dockerdemos/lab-words-dispatcher
    • docker pull dockerdemos/lab-words-java
    • docker pull mongo-express:0.30.43
    • docker pull mongo:3.2.4
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