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Remote Work Resources

Remote Jobs general guideline

This is something I compiled during the last weeks while job hunting. If you miss something in this list, please fork or tell me on twitter and I'll add what's missing.

  1. Be careful with jobs that are not clear they hire outside US
  2. Look for job in niches (like SaaS job boards, language-specific communities, country-focused, and so on)
  3. Avoid Upwork (pay to work, no guaranteed results, often bad contracts) and
  4. is not, is ok.
  5. There are companies that hire and act as a guild, but only pay as freelancer (X-team,, and so on)
  6. Not really focused on freelancing, as it is to me more like a one-person business

Job Listings (mostly devs)

Other links

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This is pretty love compilation. You are right about the upwork stuff, I had a serious problem with upwork and it's contracting procedures.

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I maintain together with my brother. Are there any features you'd like to see as a user?

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Thank you! This is a really great compilation.

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