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Dart Fundamentals - List - Sort Objects
class Sale {
int employeeId;
double price;
Sale(this.employeeId, this.price);
class Employee {
int id;
List<Sale> sales;
Employee (, this.sales);
void main() {
//Create a list of employees and their respective sales
List<Employee> employees = new List<Employee>();
employees.add(new Employee(1, [new Sale(1, 100.50), new Sale(1, 300.25)]));
employees.add(new Employee(2, [new Sale(2, 300.00), new Sale(2, 50.25), new Sale(2, 150.00)]));
employees.add(new Employee(3, [new Sale(2, 400.00), new Sale(2, 30.75), new Sale(3, 50.00)]));
//Sort so that the employee with the most sales is on top and so on...
employees.sort((a, b) => (b.sales.fold(0, (prev, element) => prev + element.price)).compareTo(a.sales.fold(0, (prev, element) => prev + element.price)));
log(employees); //prints Employee #2, followed by Employee #3, then ending with Employee #1
void log(var lst) {
lst.forEach((l) => print("Employee #${} has ${l.sales.length} sales totaling ${l.sales.fold(0, (prev, element) => prev + element.price)} dollars!"));
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