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Created Nov 1, 2011

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Jxck's NodeFest Postmortem

Tokyo NodeFest 2011 (translated by jedschmidt from the original)

I'm a little late to write this, but I presented at and helped run Tokyo NodeFest 2011 on 10/29.

Tokyo NodeFest 2011

My presentation was aimed at beginners, using live-coding to explain how to use Express and Socket.IO to build a simple application. I worked a little bit on the slides, but they paled in comparison to Guillermo "wizard-level hacker" Rauch's awesome session, making me keenly aware of how great these things can be.

The slides I used are below. The HTML I used had a demo embedded, as you can read later. I also uploaded them to SlideShare.

Nodefest2011 Node.js for Beginner Nodefest2011-Live

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Since this was also the first large-scale event for the Nodejs_jp user group, there may have been a few rough patches in how it was run, and I think we could have kept the participants better updated.

For me personally, the event was very rewarding. I got to talk with Ryan and Guillermo, put my skills to the test for my own presentation, and talk to a lot of different people at the after-party. It was also very educational. In making the slide tools for my presentation, I got to try APIs I don't usually use, and get FirstServer's help in load testing it.

As for the conference itself, I understand a lot of the feedback we've gotten, such as the fact that there were too few tickets, and perhaps too many company presentations. If we get the chance to put it on again next year, I'd like to improve anywhere we can.

But when Ryan asked me "Do you think the conference was a success?", I answered "Of course! A huge success!", and not just as a platitude, but because I truly think it was.

Working alongside everyone in the staff who helped out was a fun learning experience. I'd really like to do it again next year. I'm very proud to have been part of this awesome conference, and want to offer my sincere gratitude to everyone that came, and everyone that supported us.

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