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Last active Mar 11, 2016
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Using template strings as progress bars
"use strict"
function progress(strs, current, total) {
let str = `${strs[0]}${current}${strs[1]}${total}${strs[2]}`
let ratio = Math.min(Math.max(current / total, 0), 1)
let length = Math.floor(ratio * str.length)
let pattern = new RegExp(`^.{${length}}`)
return str.replace(pattern, "\x1b[4m$&\x1b[0m")
void function loop(current, total) {
let message = progress`${current} of ${total} pages crawled`
process.stderr.write(` ${message}`)
if (current == total) return process.stderr.write(": done.\n\n")
let interval = 0 | Math.random() * 50
setTimeout(loop, interval, ++current, total)
}(0, 200)
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