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Last active Dec 27, 2015
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Use U+200B to evade Twitter's DM malware flagging

Use this bookmarklet to escape the URL of the current page and evade Twitter's broken malware link flagging. It prepends all periods with a zero-width space, which Chrome, Firefox, and Safari all seem to ignore. Twitter's server won't recognize it as a link (yet), but the Twitter client will, which means it remains clickable in the DM pane.

For example: will get flagged as malware in a DM, while https://twitter​.com/ won't. They look the same, but the latter has a ZWSP before the . in .com.


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@buritica buritica commented Nov 6, 2013



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@jed jed commented Nov 7, 2013

see also @getify's hack.

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