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metalinspired / main.cpp
Last active May 1, 2024 21:00
* Author Milan Divkovic
* You can control the motor with following commands:
* 0: Disables the motor
* 1: Enables the motor
* + or -: Increase or decrease speed in respect to rotation direction
#include <Arduino.h>
chourobin /
Last active May 4, 2024 14:06
React Native Bridging Cheatsheet
lusis /
Last active September 14, 2020 17:47
terraform template to generate serverspec properties

This uses terraform's template_file resource to generate a yaml properties file for serverspec to use.

  • create the Rakefile in your terraform project root
  • create a spec directory and put spec_helper.rb in it
  • create the templates/properties.tmpl.yml file
  • create the
  • terraform apply


Tests will be matched based on roles defined for a given node.

vizath /
Created June 11, 2015 23:40
SlimerJS on AWS EC2 with webgl support

There is not a lot of doc or posts about making an headless renderer with webgl support. Here are few of my findings

I tried things on Heroku, but I was not able to make anything work.

Next, I tried EC2 t2.micro, only to find out that OpenGL needs a graphic card to execute (sure, there are things like mesa that I didn't tried, but it looked like I needed to build Chrome and I didn't want to go that way).

The only easy solution that I found was AWS EC2 GPU Instances. They are pretty much overpriced for what I'm trying to acheive, but it worked. You need to use an AMI that support the Nvidia GRID thing. eg and its CentOS.

Slimer need Firefox and Firefox need shared libraries that we need to install (we will use a custom repo).

sokratisg / sysctl.conf
Last active January 5, 2024 00:03
Tuned sysctl.conf for use by CentOS/RHEL 6.x or later
# Kernel sysctl configuration file for Red Hat Linux
# For binary values, 0 is disabled, 1 is enabled. See sysctl(8) and
# sysctl.conf(5) for more details.
# Turn on execshield
# 0 completely disables ExecShield and Address Space Layout Randomization
# 1 enables them ONLY if the application bits for these protections are set to “enable”
# 2 enables them by default, except if the application bits are set to “disable”
# 3 enables them always, whatever the application bits
epadillas / client.js
Created July 14, 2013 10:26
Send cookies for the handshake (sails.js)
// Send cookies for the handshake (sails.js)
// Based on
// open ticket (started by jfromaniello):
var io = require('');
var request = require('request');
var xhr = require('');
var xhrOriginal = require('xmlhttprequest');
simon-wenmouth /
Last active January 12, 2017 03:13
Windows 7 AIK / veewee / Vagrant

This collection of documents moves forward in three steps

  1. Create Autounattend.xml file(s)
  2. Create base box with veewee
  3. Create box with vagrant

Read the documents in that order, i.e.

jfromaniello / gist:4087861
Last active February 6, 2022 03:53
socket-io.client send the cookies!
* Little example of how to use ```socket-io.client``` and ```request``` from node.js
* to authenticate thru http, and send the cookies during the handshake.
var io = require('');
var request = require('request');
* This is the jar (like a cookie container) we will use always
command-tab / gist:2370710
Created April 12, 2012 20:17
Extract Certificate Subject from a Provisioning Profile
# Parse a provisioning profile
# Extract the first DeveloperCertificates <data> entry
# Remove any leading whitespace
# Remove any blank lines
# Base64 decode the blob
# Parse the .cer with OpenSSL
# Extract the first line, which is the certificate subject (the rest is the cert blob)
# End up with a string like: subject= /UID=AABBCCDDEE/CN=iPhone Developer: First Last (FFGGHHIIJJ)/C=US
# Note: Uses xmlstarlet to parse the plist, but you could probably use PlistBuddy or grep, too
rubiojr / open_auth.diff
Created August 18, 2011 11:18
open_auth support for libvirt fog provider
diff --git a/lib/fog/compute/libvirt.rb b/lib/fog/compute/libvirt.rb
index 323c362..930be4f 100644
--- a/lib/fog/compute/libvirt.rb
+++ b/lib/fog/compute/libvirt.rb
@@ -41,7 +41,18 @@ module Fog
require 'libvirt'
- @connection = ::Libvirt::open(@uri.uri)
+ if options[:user] and options[:password]